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In a brief article for The Cause, entitled "Three Types of Unrighteous Discipline", Sam Lopez, the Hispanic Co-ordinator for GCI, lays out the types of church discipline which he feels would be unrighteous.

One of the types of unrighteous discipline which Lopez discusses is that which he calls "toothless". It is in this portion of his article that he reinforces the same mistakes we have seen with Hopler and Martindale, an over-emphasis on slander. He says:

"Though toothless discipline may have some effect with certain sins referred to in I Corinthians 5, it would obviously be ludicrous with others, such as slander."1
Once again we see the mentality in GCI which puts slander or division in a special class. It is considered to be more dangerous, or more pervasive, or more sinister than other sins. Some sins will be checked by toothless discipline, but certainly not slander. I would only ask; "Where does Lopez or GCI find any biblical support for such a view?"

1 Lopez, Sam, "Three Types of Unrighteous Discipline", The Cause, p 16, June/July 1985.

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