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An open letter to Jim McCotter


My wife and I are sitting at home, worried, sad and with our future in serious tatters – because of one man’s greed.
We have just been made unemployed by a messenger. I am 57 and a damn good journalist who no longer has a job - because of one man’s greed.
Now Jim, you are a Christian, so God will give you the courage to read on. Mind you, God says that greed is a sin – but don’t worry Jim, he’ll give you the courage to read on.
Since I was employed, in good faith, by The Citizen, I have worked as many as seventy hours a week for that newspaper, giving it my very best because I am a professional journalist with a huge pride about the standard of work I put out. I was underpaid because of the meanness of my employer, who though that, as an American, they were somehow smarter than we dumb Kiwis.
But don’t worry Jim, you’re a Christian and you do no wrong. And God will give you strength to read on.
About seven months ago, good journalists and good friends of mine lost their jobs because of your ambition to be richer. Actually they call that greed – and greed is a sin. Not content with being filthy rich, you wanted to be richer. Mind you, God was watching over you.
But read on Jim, because God will give you the courage to do so.
You sit back in your little castle somewhere in Colorado or Florida, lauding your pleasures. But, of course, that is fine, while other good people you have trodden upon and spat out without any feeling what-so-ever, are now unemployed. Sam Cooper – remember Sam ? His youngest son was diagnosed with leukemia two months ago and is dying.
I was with Sam tonight. He was absolutely distraught. Sam didn’t know how to go back to tell his wife he had lost his job, with his son lying in hospital – all because of one man’s greed and the total lack of understanding he (you, Jim) have for people.
Mind you Jim, you’re a Christian and God is looking after you, isn’t he ! He’ll give you courage to read on.
Chris Mealing is trying to pick up her life, to look after her eight year-old daughter. Her husband committed suicide because of the trauma he had put his fellow workers through because of your lack of feeling for your fellow man. A week before he died, Grant Mealing told me he couldn’t face what he had done to others, like Coen and Bryn, who had lost their jobs after they had trusted you as an employer.
But don’t worry Jim, because you are a Christian, remember.
And God will give you the strength to read on.
Grant Mealing took his own life, because of you. YOU are responsible – no-one else ! But don’t worry Jim, because you are a Christian. Chris doesn’t have a husband any more – and lovely wee Fleur doesn’t have a father.
Why do you want to make more money Jim ? Haven’t you got enough already. You are a Christian remember, and greed is a sin. But don’t feel bad, Jim, God will look after you, because you are a Christian.
Unfortunately, you haven’t got the courage to face your workers. You left New Zealand like the coward you are, but don’t worry Jim, you are a Christian and God will give you courage to read on.
But, of course, you left your daughter here, dripping in her diamonds and fancy designer clothes, belittling New Zealanders because of her wealth. And she had her gold digging husband to help us out – unfortunately, he wasn’t as journalist’s arsehole, as his journalistic judgement has since proved. I have done a bit of background work on Jonathon and, from people he worked with in Europe, he is a journalistic lightweight of little consequence. Otherwise, I suppose, The Citizen would still be operating.
But, while we all worked our guts out, hour after hour, every day, Jonathon and Shannon ponced around Christchurch, wining and dining during their three-hour lunches, laughing off any problems as though they didn’t exist. He cost you a lot of money but, don’t worry Jim, because he’s got his eyes on a lot more when you’re gone.
Unfortunately, what Americans don’t realise – and I have experienced many in my home in the last three or four years - is that they are the dumbest people on earth. They think that life is all about materialistic things and wealth. As I tried to impress upon Jonathon at one stage, “class” not about where you eat, what wines you drink and how well your fancy suit is cut. “Class” is from within.
I’m pleased God gave you the courage to read on Jim….. because it means I can finally write of my absolute contempt for you – and everthing you stand for.
The only justice, in this whole exercise, is that hopefully, you have lost a few million dollars. Thank you God – you see, strangely, I am a believer too – a real one.

Ken Nicholson [kenpam@xtra.co.nz]

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