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The Cause: The Joy of Justice
By Great Commission International
Published: 1985


"This increasing flood of criticism has not abated, but has continued to grow throughout this past year, 1985. … In an apparent attempt to mute the affect of this criticism upon its membership, GCI has answered with a full broadside. In the summer of 1985 they published a special June/July issue of their “in house” magazine, The Cause, which they titled, “The Joy of Justice”. It is in this magazine that GCI first laid down in black and white, for all to read, its doctrines regarding slander, faction, and church discipline. The Christian world should be deeply thankful to God, and appreciative to GCI leadership that they have finally canonized these doctrines in writing, where they can be easily examined in the light of the Word of God."
- Rick Harvey, former GCI elder, from The Cause And Effect: A Closer Look.


Ablaze With Zeal
by Sam Lopez

When God Takes The Bench
by John Hopler

Courage In The Church: A Tale Of Four Cities
by David Boyvenmyer

Evil Reports: How To Identify Them, How To Respond
by Dave Gumlia and Dennis Clark

The Fruit Of Discipline
by Phil Kushin

Woman To Woman: Beginning In The Home
by Barbara McCotter

How Long Will You Grieve?
by Thomas Schroeder

A Personal Note From Jim
by Jim McCotter

Joy To The Righteous
by Jim McCotter

The Sin Of Listening
by Dave Gumlia

The Three Types Of Unrighteous Discipline
by Sam Lopez

The Price Of Neglecting Justice
by Dennis Clark

The Primary Purposes Of Church Discipline
By Bill Gothard (Non-GCx pastor, printed in The Cause)

Q&A (Slander)
by Herschel Martindale

The Joy Of Repentance
by Two Unnamed Church Members (One of them identified in Marching To Zion as John Toner.)

Results From Obedience
by Charles Swindoll (Non-GCx pastor, printed in The Cause)

Respecting Local Leaders
by David Bovenmyer

The Scrooluce Chronicles
by Sam Lopez

by Herschel Martindale

Response Publications

The Cause And Effect: A Closer Look
by Richard Harvey

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