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Invasion '85: The Targets

Listed below are the 50 new cities in which Great Commission has started churches. With each city are the names of the men heading up the work. Pray for these churches and these men. If you know of anyone in or near the cities, whom you would like them to contact, send their names and addresses to: The Cause, P.O. Box 1805, Hyattsville, MD 20788.


Northeast (17)


University of Connecticut, Storrs--Tim Roth, Frank Cherry (Lawrence)


University of Delaware, Newark--Doug Brinkman, Paul Koeler (Ames)

Wilmington--Eric Chase, Steve Huhta (Eau Claire)

Dover--Jim Coleman, Joe Branch (Minneapolis)


University of Maryland, Baltimore City--Sam Sieg, Marty Norman (D.C.)

New Jersey

Rutgers University, New Brunswick--Dave Talcott, Brad Krantz (Gainesville)

New York

Cornell University, Ithaca--Joel Sims, Mark Hitchcock (Clemson)

North Carolina

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill--Berk Wilson, Tommy DeWitt (Glen )

North Carolina State University, Raleigh--Mike Chapman, Stan Watson (Clemson)


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia--Steve Weber, George Weaver (Gainesville)

Penn State University, University Park--Jeff Kay, Phil Hopersberger (East Lansing)


University of Virginia, Charlottesville--Dave Custead (Columbia), Steve Kasuas, Danny Martinez (Albuquerque)

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond--Mark Harger, Mike Raines (D.C.)

Virginia Poly. Inst. and State Univ., Blacksburg--Steve Phelps, Tim Pan (Ames)

Norfolk--Chuck Long, Marlin Strand (D.C.)

West Virginia

West Virginia University, Morgantown--Tim Haring, Scott Rupley (Columbus)

District of Columbia

Howard University, Washington, D.C.--Danny Baty

Midwest (14)


Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond--Dan Christopher, Pete LeClerc (D.C.)

University of Kentucky, Lexington--Darrel Philips, Mike Kerns (Columbus)

University of Louisville, Louisville--Ray Harmon, Dave Cunningham (Bloomington)

Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green--Ron Jaeger, Dave Rosenberger (Ames)


Indianapolis--Bloomington Elders


Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant--Bill Schwartz, Steve Garner (E. Lansing)

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti--Rick Beemer, Andy Wright (East Lansing)

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo--Bob McKee, Steve Duisterhof (E. Lansing)


University of Akron, Akron--Dave Eickert, Craig Smith (Columbus)

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati--John Showman, Dave Newman (Columbus)

Miami University, Oxford--Zane Liston, Ron Kelly (Columbus)

University of Toledo, Toledo--Chris Miller, Jeff Vernon (Bowling Green)

East Cleveland--Dick Cooper, Dave Brenner (Columbus)

West Cleveland--Lyle Winland, Bill Sieb (Columbus)

North Central (4)


Illinois State University, Normal--Mark Gochenback, Scott Voehringer (Champaign)

Northern Illinois University, Dekalb--Jon Fisher, Dennis Sherril (Champaign)

Southern -Illinois University, Carbondale--Jim Bird, Dana Sperry (Minneapolis)


University of Wisconsin, Madison--Bill Goodman (Eau Claire), Dave Johnson, Doug Hurd, Bob Wisecup (Manhattan)

Southwest (4)


University of Texas at Arlington (Dallas), Arlington--Greg Hunter, Bill Harthcock (Austin)


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge--Tommy Rogers, Danny Mondragan (Lubbock)


Oklahoma State University, Stillwater--Terry O'Brien, Dave Cambridge (Lubbock)


University of Arkansas, Fayettville--Greg Merchant, Frank Schneider (Ames)

Southeast (6)


University of Alabama, University--Rusty Lowman, Robert Funk (College Station)

Auburn University, Auburn--Randy McDougall, Tim Landemyer (College Station)


Florida State University, Tallahassee--Duane Alphs, Gary Hansen (Gainesville)


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta--Jim Osborn, Pat Bachelor (College Station)

Mississippi State University, Mi


Mississippi State--Paul Beauregard, Steve Shearer (Columbus)


University of Tennessee, Knoxville--Dave Meichers, Curt Mack (Champaign)


Hamilton--Jess Lacoursiere, Ralph Porringa

Toronto--Brian Bitton, Dennis Eveleigh


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