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"...some satire...I sent the parody of a GCI excommunication letter to several ex-leaders back in about 1986 or 87, including Jerry MacDonald. When he got the letter he had just returned from Urbana-Champaign IL where he had been interviewing people for his Masters thesis ("Reject the Wicked Man..."). While in IL he sought a meeting with the local GCI leader, who at first refused to meet with him on the grounds that Jerry had been excommunicated from the church and now "the Word forbids me to meet with you." Jerry said he had not been excommunicated, and had a letter from Jim McCotter and Dennis Clark stating that he had not been. So the leader consented to meet with Jerry. When Jerry opened my letter from "Great Commotion International" he read it quickly and exclaimed to his wife, Pearl, "Oh, no! Now they _have_ done it!" Pearl calmly said, "Jerry, look at that again." When Jerry realized what it was, he doubled over in laughter." - Larry Pile, cult counselor, June, 19th, 2006

“Every nation in agitation” 

6525 Belcrack Road, Suite Gee-Whiz, Ryattsville, Maryland 20789
(301) 184-6520

April 25, 1987


Dear Brother and/or Sister:  

It has been brought to my attention that due to an administrative oversight many of you have never received an official letter informing you of your excommunication from GCI. This letter is being sent to you to correct that oversight. I ask your indulgence for the impersonal, form-letter style of this letter, but due to the very large number of people in your situation I felt this would be the most efficient way to handle this matter.

Evidence has been brought to us during the past 10 years or so and after examining it we have found you guilty of one or more of the following offenses:

I. COVETOUSNESS (1 Cor. 5:l1)--this sinful lifestyle may have been expressed in one or more of the following ways:

A. Desiring to advance yourself or your career through the pursuit of higher education.

B. Dissatisfaction with such eminently spiritual jobs as janitor, night-watchman, and burger flipper, and greedily seeking worldly prestige as an office worker, bank teller, or other such ego-inflating position.

C. Unwillingness to devote every waking moment (apart from your employment) to the church program of evangelism, discipleship, Bible study, etc., and instead attempting to hoard a few minutes of each day for your own selfish use.

II. FACTION (Tit. 3:10)--we have heard that you have developed and maintained friendships with certain brothers and sisters that are closer than your friendships with others--especially those of you who are unmarried and have engaged in the practice that the world calls “dating.” To quote my own book entitled Chapter Seven: “What we call ‘dating,’ the Bible may call ‘partiality’ (James 2:9). What we call ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ the Bible may call a ‘clique’ or ‘faction’ (Galatians 5:20)” (page 40).

In addition, we know that many of you disagree with some of our apostolic teaching and have made your disagreement known to others in a wicked and vicious way, namely, without first seeking permission from us to do so. By doing this you have severed yourself from the true and full revelation of God and thus from the apostolic church of Christ in accordance with the words of 1 Jn. 2:19.

III. DISOBEYING TITUS 3:10--by refusing to reject one another in your acts of faction.

Surely there are other offenses that you have committed—we are aware of them, and those that we’re not aware of you can bet we’ll find out! Most these are covered by Rom. 16:17, especially the clause “hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned.” Therefore, because of all these offenses we must obey the Lord’s commands in NOT ASSOCIATING WITH YOU (1 Cor. 5:11), REJECTING YOU (Tit. 3:10), and TURNING AWAY FROM YOU (Rom. 16:17).

You are hereby officially excommunicated not only from all churches associated with Great Commotion International, but also from the entire Body of Christ worldwide, past, present, and future.

We really love you, Brother and/or Sister, and desire God’s best for you. We urge you to humble yourself before God and repent of these sins. Until you do we will continue to pray that God would smite and afflict you with grievous pangs of body, soul, and spirit.
Sincerely in Christ,

 Jimbo (signature)
Bhagwan Jimbo Macotteraji,

On behalf of the Great Commissariat of
Commotion International, Inc.


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