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Statements And Letters

A Statement Recognizing Early Errors And Weaknesses In The Development Of The Great Commission Association Of Churches
Great Commission Association of Churches, 1991

Larry Pile's Statement about Great Commission Association of Churches/Great Commission Ministries
Larry Pile, March 11th, 2006

Gregg Walters' Resignation Letter
Summitview Community Church (Fort Collins), Colorado, March 16th, 2004

Paul Willis' Letter
Summitview Community Church (Greeley), Colorado, 2006

An open letter to Jim McCotter from Ken Nicholson
Ken Nicholson, 2002

General letter from former leaders of GCI to concerned people and groups
Lawrence A. Pile, Tony Castro, M. Div., M. S., David F. Cook, Paul R. Martin, Ph.D., David Munday, Bill Taylor and others, 1980s

Affidavit of Occasions of Approach to Jim McCotter and Other Leaders of Great Commission International on the Basis of Matthew 18:15-17 Concerning Disagreement and/or Sin
Larry Pile, August 30th, 1986

An Account of My Attempts to Follow Matthew 18 in Regards to Various Issues & Conflicts With J. McCotter And The Leadership Of The Ames Fellowship Church
Paul R. Martin, August 28th, 1986

Letter From Bob LaForge to Elders of Great Commission International
Bob LaForge, September 30th, 1985

Letter From Michael Royal to Pastor Mike Braun
Michael Royal, June 28th, 1985

Bill Taylor's Letter to Hershel Martindale
Bill Taylor, November 21st, 1978

Larry Pile's Letter to "The Dispersion"
Larry Pile, February 6th, 1978


The KANE Report: Factual Analysis of the Operations and Activities of Great Commission Inc. and James Douglas McCotter
KANE Associates International, Inc., August 10th, 1990

The Cause: The Joy of Justice

The Cause: The Joy of Justice
Great Commission International, 1985

The Cause And Effect: A Closer Look
Richard Harvey, 1986

Apostleship Teaching Related (See the Leadership Manual)

Modern Apostles
Jim McCotter, Spiritual Gifts Conference, February 1984

Jim McCotter's Apostleship Re-Examined
E. Ray Moore, Jr. Th.M., May 17th, 1985

A Critique Of Leadership: Elders And Apostles
Bob LaForge to Jim McCotter, With Response, 1985

A Response To Jim McCotter's Apostleship Theory
John F. Toner, 1984

Church Lists

2008 US (GCC) Church Directory
Great Commission Churches, 2008

2006 US (GCM) Church Directory
Great Commission Ministries, 2006

Invasion '85: The Targets
Great Commission International, 1985

Wellspring Retreat (Cult-recovery center, founded by former members of the movement.)

The Other Side of Discipleship
Larry Pile, Wellspring Retreat

Choosing a Church After a Painful Experience
Larry Pile, Wellspring Retreat

Thought Reform in Cults and Abusive Relationships
Larry Pile, Ron Burks, Wellspring Retreat

Dispelling the Myths
Dr. Paul R. Martin, Wellspring Retreat

The Making of a Cult Counselor
Larry Pile, Wellspring Retreat, Spring 1992

Satire And Humor

Great Commotion International Excommunication Letter
Larry Pile, April 25th, 1987

Slander Comic
Larry Pile


Thank You
Brandon Pullen, Summitview Community Church Newsletter (Fort Collins), August 2007

Questionaire For Great Commission International (GCI)
Mike Royal, 1987

Sixty-Four In Eighty-Four (song)
Dennis Clark, 1984

Lifton's Thought Reform Applied to GCI
Barbara Lloyd, 1974



De-Commissioned Ex-Members Forum

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Wellspring Retreat

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