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Marching To Zion: A Personal History and Analysis of the “Blitz Movement” aka Great Commission Association of Churches
By Lawrence A. Pile
Published: first edition in 1979, second edition in 2002 

(Notice: Page numbers referenced in the digital version of this book refer to page numbers in the hardcopy of the book. Footnotes can be quickly accessed by clicking on the numbered link, which will take you to the footnote information at the bottom of the page, after which you can return to where you were by clicking the additional numbered link in the footnotes section.)


Preface (1st And 2nd Editions)

Part One: Times Of Blessing

Part Two: Times Of Trouble

Part Three: Analysis

Part Four: The Continuing Saga


Appendix One: The Gospel, Unity and the Strategy

Appendix Two: Excerpts from Letters, etc.

Appendix Three: The Excommunication of Gary Henke

Appendix Four: Factual Analysis of the Operations and Activities of Great Commission Inc. and James Douglas McCotter (The KANE Report)

Appendix Five: A Statement Recognizing Early Errors and Weaknesses in the Development of the Great Commission Association of Churches

Appendix Five: Pile Statement about GCAC/GCM

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