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Slander and the Christian Walk
By Steve Nelson
Recorded: May 7th, 2006
Location: Summitview Community Church, Greeley


There’s a guy in the church in Ft. Collins, actually I think it was somebody from the Rock in Ft. Collins, and for whatever reason, he has some offenses with the church…I think he had probably crossed some lines that he shouldn’t have…and was approached on that and became disgruntled with the church…and so sometimes when people are approached on things like that they repent…sometimes when we’re confronted on our sin, it makes us really angry and that was this guy’s response and so what he did was he created a web site that talks about our church, specifically the Summitview churches, but then also our group of churches GCM/GCAC and then it just basically slanders us and talks about, oh, alleged abuses of the church and almost kind of like cultish type feeling thing.. in fact on one of the last pages of the web site, it talks about here’s these books that you can turn to if you need help out of a cult…he got hurt and I think he’s trying to hurt back. Hurt people, hurt people.


So, you’ve got to be really careful what you let into your ear…for that reason I am not going to tell you guys what that web site is because I don’t think it’s good, I don’t think you should go to it…I just encourage you just don’t even entertain it, don’t pursue it, because it’s gossip.


Here Paul is saying you know what, Corinthians, there are lots of people out there with lots of good things to say, but I am your spiritual father and I encourage you to follow me, not these slanderers not these people who are talking against me, follow me and I encourage you guys as we are a spiritual family be careful not to give your allegiance to somebody who has no interest in your life, to a slanderer, but I encourage you to give your allegiance to us as a church as a family follow our way of life.


We love you and care about you that’s our heart, I don’t think it’s the heart of the person who is slandering our churches.


Also we've got a box of little booklets Rick Whitney just wrote called, "On the Wall." He just says it as it is. It's a really powerful little booklet. So he gave me 200 of these free. Are you just getting up or are you volunteering? Maybe 1 per person. And it doesn't relate directly to what's going on, but some of it does. Hear more about this silliness. 


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