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Church History/Testimony
By Jim McCotter
Recorded: 1984
Location: Unspecified Conference


Psalm 77, “I’ll remember..” That’s what we’re gonna do, tonight. Remember his deeds. Time and again, the message that’s recorded in the New Testament, that Paul gave more than any others, was his testimony – of what happened in his life. That’s our strongest message! That outta be the message you share more than any others in your life. Your testimony. Your testimony, certainly outta start with being saved, but most people when they think of testimony, that’s all they think of. And it’s because, that’s – in the case of many believers – that’s all they’ve got to share. They stopped believing, and.. exercising.. faith, like in a- almost a crisis – to see miraculous things happen in their life, thereafter.

And, I’m challenged with this week, with the brothers that are in – we’re challenged together, and with each of you brothers and sisters here. To really see testimony, miraculous deeds.. miracles. That we can look back and validate that God is indeed raised from the dead. And I just want to go back and share a little bit and.. of my own life and a little bit ah- that – to praise a little bit even how some of us are even here today

I'm out to be just like the Apostle Paul. And frankly, I think if every man and woman is not they're- whether they know it or not, they're in sin. ...

You see, he was for our time. Jesus is going to Israel, Paul is to go to the world. And so certainly Jesus is our model in so many areas, but Paul could carry it out in the fullest extent and that's why God raised up a model, and isn't it good that God raised up a model that wasn't the Savior the son of God? In many ways there's more about Paul, many books that relate to him, Why? Because we'd say that "He's the savior, we can't and we shouldn't do what he did."


There I was in Greeley, and that was some of the test I went through, all by myself up there. I left and, miracle- just there was miracles that happened one after another. I didn't have a car, I didn't have anything. ... I saved up $400 mowing lawns when I was a little kid. ... I had one suitcase and, over a hangup bag, and $400 dollars in my pocket, and that was all I started with back in 1965. ... But I, had $400 and [a] suitcase, God started right there and that was it. ... God started raising up man after man. By the end of the year we had twelve of us. ... The second year we had thirty. It doubled or tripled again..

I couldn't figure it out. God, we're, we're out to reach the world. Nobody knows it yet, but we're out to reach the world, and you're stopping the program here! ... God took me, and so finally, Vietnam, I said, "oh God, you're not going to send me to Vietnam." He sent me to Vietnam. ... It was during my war- err, Army days that I met Dennis Clark. Dennis and I met at Fort Polk and God- boy, God used him in my life, he claims the same. ... I could write a whole book just on our relationship at Fort Polk and what we did. Experiences, and- God just knit our hearts together. And just made us like one man.


We'd share, we'd fellowship. God bonded our hearts together. And we would share, late at night in the Word, and what God wanted to, and I'd share with Dennis what had been going on in Colorado and the vision we had in going to other- outside of the state. And some of the works in other states. One of the five works was in another state.


And Dennis was so exited. We were like a bunch of little kids, you know. Dreamers!


After those two years, God had done a work in my- in my individual life to come back, and Dennis and I began to get together, and we move in to- finally picked up where we left off, in Pueblo.

I began to open up to Herschal what we'd been doing in Greeley an- and Pueblo and some of the other works that God has raised up and- and just shared my heart with him. ... Herschel, at that time, and we began to be knit.
Most people wouldn't have called them churches. Most people never knew we were churches.


I remember when I went up to Greeley, in the first time. . . . I was going to school. I felt I needed to do that to- to ah, honor my father. And I was doing anything and everything I could to honor my - my father, short of disobeying the scriptures. He didn't want me going to Greeley, but I could at least go to Greeley and go to school. So I went to Greeley and went to school. Went to college.


Being accused of a cult and wicked and everything you can think of. ... We were in the front page and the newspaper more than Jimmy Carter was in those days, and they still are because Christ was an issue. ... It's so exciting to hear that it's going on, and even more so. ... Something must be wrong with the church that isn't getting persecuted, in my opinion! Something's unholy about the church that isn't getting persecuted. Look at all the churches in the New Testament. We don't have new testament Christianity. We're so far from it it's pathetic! And we when we get close to it we think we're heretics! That's what they thought of the Apostle Paul. That's what they thought of the Lord Jesus. They said, "you're mad," they said, "Paul, you're mad. You've gone mad!" They tried to stone him. They tried to kill him. We wouldn't know New Testament Christianity if we saw it, for most of us!

I think this is a, a- message in the New Testament that I am continually giving, year after year. And I am especially concerned with myself and my fellow elders. Because I guarentee you the Christian world will be against you if you follow God. And I challenge you to find anything different in this book. They were against Paul, they were against Jesus, they were against Peter, they were against Moses, they were against David, they were against them all! The next generation with eulogize you, but never this one. They were against John Wesley in his age. . . . Today we think he's great, oh everybody loves him! You know when they loved Josh Wesley? When he was 90 years old! Maybe if we live long enough somebody'll respect us. . . .


We've affected as many, probably more churches, to be revolutionized out of jealously, than out of good will. But I'm happy either way. In Ames, several of those churches have just begun to mimic several of the things that was done in the fellowship there. Some of them that are very much against us.


You see, I believe, in this generation, we're going to reach all 4 and a half billion people. I don't mean through some electronic impluse. I mean churches, for we're going to make disciples. I'm not against using radio, television, newspaper, any media there is, I think God commands us to do that in fact, everything we can.

We believe his cause is the great commission in this generation. We believe God can and will reach every person, and establish churches in every nation and every city all over the world. And we're involved in that. We're involved in this country. So many missionaries go out to other countries and they've never raised up one church, much less reached a country. And if we can't do it in our cities, if we can't do it in our country, we should never go to another country. If it takes us 50 years to do it in this country, I'd rather spend the last year of my life, the last tweleve months of my life, going to other countries. Cause then I'd have something to give them. Or I'd rather not go at all. I'd rather be involved in that process, if I died prematurely, where some others could take a model.

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