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Okay, Matthew chapter 17 and verse.. Matthew 17, this is the verse that Mike Keator and I, and Dan Gill, in our house in Pueblo before we went out of the state.. and Dennis when he was there and joined.. joined us there, and.. I am going to finish off some things, testimony, and I think God has lessons that he wants to weave into our lives through our testimony, and really that's the only lesson you ever teach from the scriptures . . . something that you relate through testimony anyhow. Any verse that you've not experienced is just hot air. One person said, well, what's prepared in the head reaches the head and what is prepared in the heart, reaches the heart. What will you experience in life is what . . . That's why Jesus said all he began to do and teach. He taught what he did, not what he, not the other way around. We really, can only . . . share about what we have done.

Paul said, that is why word came into power and conviction and the Holy Spirit because of the men they were, 1st Thessalonians Chapter 1. That’s why it says, the King of God is not in word but in power because of those that were to imitate His life. That had to do not with miracles, with touching handkerchief and healing diseases. Paul’s power was never in that. Never was, even when those sign gifts were very active . . . that wasn’t the power he ever had. Others did that, that weren’t even saved. The power was in living a righteous life like Jesus Christ. Paul said it in 1 Corinthians chapter 4, 1 Thessalonians chapter 1 and many other chapters. That is the power, lived up, that power today, if we lived the verses.

Now, look at Matthew chapter 17 verse 20, out of the “And I’ll be here”, he replied, “Because you have so little faith, I’ll tell you the truth, if you have faith small as the mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move from here to there, and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you, and nothing will be impossible for you." Mike and Denon, that has been . . . I remembered in our kitchen there in Pueblo where we used to have our water pipe, well, from the time when we finished the dishes, we ended in a bank and we had a big map of the United States, world, I can’t remember, which we had maps of both around and underneath of it. I think that was in the United States in the kitchen there. Underneath of it, I wrote out this verse “Because you have so little faith, I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as the mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

And the personalness of that verse, my own life was so [tindallizing?]. I remember, being in the house many nights alone . . . and that would be the verse that would drive me in prayer for hour, after hour, after hour, walking around, walking around and thinking of different things. Nothing should be impossible for you. Nothing should be possible for you and especially and especially when you put it in moving mountains. You know, I might have been able to interpret it with lesser dynamic things. But he put it in a context if you have a little faith you can move mountains. We are not talking about great faith here, to think our little faith.. Now, how many qualify for little faith? Raise you hand. Wonderful! Now, nothing will be impossible for you of little faith. If you have faith, as small as the mustard seed, the little faith. I don’t want to go into this whole topic . . . but what really hit me is, nothing is gonna impossible for me. And to think of that verse, with what you wanna believe God for. What you wanna claim God for. And what we must claim God for.

Look, again our commission is 4 and a half billion people over 200 countries in the world. We are living in a country of 230 million . . . in the United States, 50 States, one of the largest. Then, it is a gigantic job, like Erick Chase, one of the elders who shared in early morning.. Praying for other countries and thinking that it seems so little . . . Many others have not shaken our towns or cities wherein, though . . . some are doing more. And we’re in process for that. We have vision for that. But we must believe that. We must never be content, ever be content. We’re thinking that we can’t do anything. As he says here, otherwise, we don’t believe it is true and that’s why He said, I tell you the truth. I tell you truth. And my name was not on this verse. I don’t have anymore right to this verse than you do, or someone else. I don’t have anymore freedom or liberty or authority to claim this verse than you do. The difference is the one who trusts what he says.

Turn to John chapter 14, and another one that God worked in my life that is still working on me. And verse 12, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.” I want to tell you, you could spend the month on that verse alone. You know, when I remember that verse, I didn’t spend a month, but I spent two weeks - Lake Powell - in the mountains, meditating on that verse. Claiming that verse. Claiming it, for many of your lives, for the cities that we're in and I’m still.. that verse still boils into my heart. Think of that verse. Think of that verse, and verse 12, “I tell you the truth any one who has faith in me, will do what I have been doing, will do the things that I do. And he will do even greater things that these.” Who will? Anyone. Who will- anyone, anyone? Anyone? Man, woman, young, or anyone. Anyone!

There's not too many in the Christian world who really has faith in Him, is there? Most aren’t doing what He did. Few or less.. few or less have done greater things - more than He has done. The Lord Jesus was perfect, I don’t think it means greater in quality, the greater in quantity. And there have been, though the percentage is extremely low, there has been a large number that has done much greater things than the Lord Jesus. Just like this verse said. Peter did, Paul did. Many other men have. George Whitefield did, John Wesley did, John Knox did, Martin Luther did. And there is thousands that have, many we don’t know there names. And some in our circle have. And God wants this to be the norm. This is to be the norm, unless we don’t believe Him.

I think it is so interesting where Jesus says, “I tell you the truth, this is truth.” [laughs] He always, I think he put that in where we don’t tend to believe it. This can’t be true. He says, “This is the truth.” Now this isn’t true. No, I tell you the truth. Anyone? And these verses, I had heard these verse, but I haven’t heard him enough to be programmed to I guessed, what you would say, not believe him, and it just tantillized me. It just frustrated me to think, that if this verses aren’t true, Matthew 17 and John chapter 14. If I can’t see these verses true, how can I know John 3-16 is true? Because the evidence of John 3:16 is indeed taking place the day he get saved, but, I think it's gonna be put spectacular the day we get raptured and get changed bodies and there is a lot more of John 3:16 to be fulfilled in one sense.

And it affected me how I could believed God for John 3:16 but now believed God for John 14 and verse 12. Why I’m so quick in.. And I tell you, I think as Christians we ought to be… you know most Christians don’t know John 14:12 by memory like they know John 3:16. But once you’ve gotten saved, maybe you should start quoting John 14:12, everytime you think John 3:16, because that is for you and I now. We need to believe you see. Most of us want to get saved, we start believing. And I think everyday you need to have a crisis of faith. Like that hour you got saved. Most Christians have never had an experience of faith, like that hour they got saved. If you do not, you won’t


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