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What is the Great Commission movement?

The "Great Commission movement" is an informal term used to describe a controversial body of churches and campus ministries, started by Jim McCotter in 1965. The group has a history of attracting criticism, having been classified as a "cult" by watchdog groups during the 1980's and 1990's, and criticized in dozens of newspapers, books, and research papers. Because the group has changed its name so frequently, and currently operates under so many legal identities, it has become necessary for clarity to refer to the entire movement under a broad term such as "Great Commission movement," "GCx," or just "GC."

Why does this site exist?

This site exists as a resource for people interested in learning about the movement's history, practices, and beliefs, including controversial aspects of the movement that one would not otherwise learn about from reading only the movement's websites. Hosted are a digitized collection of newspaper articles, research materials, teachings, statements, papers, and other documents.

Where should I start?

The "Top 10" page provides a good overview of the ten most important documents on the site, which is a good starting point.

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